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Landscaping services can dramatically improve the appearance of your home and bring oohs and aahs from family, friends and neighbors. Well-cared-for landscaping can also increase the value of your property and make it more appealing to prospective buyers if you decide to sell. To protect yourself and your investment, choose a reputable company that is licensed, insured and offers both design and construction services. They should be able to provide you with a cost estimate before starting the job and provide a clear schedule of work. Be sure to ask about additional fees, such as sales tax, which can vary from state to state. All repair, maintenance and installation services to real property are taxable unless the customer provides the landscaper with a valid tax-exemption certificate. For more information, see the New York State Department of Taxation’s Tax Bulletin – Capital Improvements and Other Repair, Maintenance and Installation Services to Real Property (TB-ST-109).

Landscaping professionals who have advanced in their career can move into senior and managerial positions where they are responsible for customer service, staff development and ensuring profitability for their company. They also help to develop new business opportunities and find ways to increase the quality of landscaping services.


Landscaping Services

The best landscaping services will stand behind their work and provide timely repairs in the event of damage caused by unforeseen events. When comparing companies, look for a track record of timely repair and testimonials from previous clients. Also, find out if they have reasonable liability clauses in their contracts that will cover the costs of repairing damages caused by accidents or negligence.

Whether you need your flowerbeds rearranged, trees pruned or a new patio installed, a landscaping company can help. They will design and build your garden, choosing the right plants for your climate zone. They will also install a variety of hardscaping structures like pathways, decks, pavers and pools. This type of work requires a high level of expertise to ensure it is done properly and safely. They are also required to adhere to specific OSHA standards if they are doing maintenance work or construction.

Landscaping services keep business grounds looking clean and neat. It boosts the image of a company, which helps attract and retain employees.

Landscaping Services

Garden Landscapers

Garden Landscapers

Lawn care is one of the most popular landscaping services, with mowing, trimming, weeding, and debris removal being some of the more common tasks. A professional lawn mowing service should cut grass weekly during the growing season and leave it looking pulled together with neatly trimmed edges. They may also perform aeration and dethatching to loosen the soil for proper grass growth. They can also spray for weeds, prune trees and shrubs to promote healthy growth and improve the appearance of the property.

Landscaping is a service that can be performed on a residential or commercial scale, and it involves the design of gardens and outdoor living spaces, plantation, terracing, water features and more. Many homeowners hire these services to improve their curb appeal, while businesses use them to establish a positive impression with clients and customers.

Many landscapers can also help with xeriscaping, which involves planting drought-tolerant plants that reduce the need for watering and encourage pollinator insects. This type of landscaping can be a great investment for homeowners, as it can increase the value of their home and improve their quality of life.

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Many lawn care companies offer bundles of landscaping and maintenance services at a discounted rate. These are a great way to upsell customers and make more profits.


Lawn Maintenance

Hedging is another landscaping service that involves trimming plants into geometrical shapes. It is important to hire a landscaper who has good hedging skills and the right landscaping tools, as it can be difficult to do correctly. In addition, hedging can help to prevent weeds and keep the soil healthy by preventing it from over-abundant moisture. Many landscaping services will provide this service or offer it as part of a package with other maintenance offerings, such as fertilizing or weeding.

Landscaping Installation

For commercial properties that want to enhance the overall look of their landscaping, large hardscapes like retaining walls and patios can be considered capital improvements. They can also make outdoor spaces more usable by providing places for people to relax or meet with colleagues.

Lawn Maintenance
Residential Landscape Design

Landscaping companies can also provide maintenance services for commercial properties, such as retail stores, office buildings, airports, and more. They can maintain parking lots, walkways, and ponds, as well as perform other tasks such as snow removal and tree service. These services can be a cost-effective way to keep your commercial property looking its best. They are often more affordable than hiring multiple outside contractors for individual tasks.

Adding new plants and renovating old ones adds to the beauty of any property. This is especially important for commercial properties that want to make a good impression on clients, potential employees or others who visit the property.

The final cost of a landscaping project can be affected by a number of factors, such as the size and location of the property, the difficulty of the terrain and availability of equipment. Additionally, extra costs such as fuel and the cost of maintaining machinery may be added to the overall bill.

Hardscaping Contractors
Hardscaping Contractors

Landscapers typically work in residential and commercial settings. They may offer maintenance contracts, or they may specialize in a particular service such as lawn mowing, pruning, or yard cleanup.

Landscaping Services Enhance the Beauty of Outdoor Spaces

Some landscapers specialize in commercial lawn and tree maintenance, including the mowing of corporate campuses, government properties, school and municipal buildings, athletic fields, golf courses, and other facilities. These jobs require a higher level of skill and experience than residential work. They are usually awarded to companies that can demonstrate they have the staff, equipment, references and insurance to do the work in a timely manner.